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The more accurate your irrigation system, the greater the results. To get everything you can out of your system, incorporate the Reinke Navigator Series of GPS Controls for end towers, lateral move systems and swing arm corners. The Navigator is designed for those situations that require extreme accuracy in timing and application in difficult-to-cover acreage.

This advanced satellite-guidance technology can eliminate many problems producers face, including inaccurate end gun timing and the hazards of buried wire guidance. The Navigator line provides reliable, accurate guidance and position information for your system.

Shown here are a few of the qualities that make a Reinke irrigation systems one you can rely on for years to come . Quality workmanship and advanced design are evident throughout the entire pivot structure:

  • Multiple pipe sizes; 4 1/2", 6", 6 5/8", 8", 8 5/8", and 10"
  • Double walled corrosion resistant tower boxes
  • Strongest wheel gear in the industry backed by the industry's longest warranty
  • Friction reducing sweep elbows on the pivot point
  • Durable 8" x 3" roll-formed legs
  • High strength 18" pivot center bearing
  • V-ring seal allowing for a 25 year warranty
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum main control panel
  • Stress relieving hook & receiver for best in industry flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum collector reel
  • Precision Controls form the RPM Panel Systems
    • RPM Basic Panel
    • RPM Standard Panel
    • RPM Advanced Panel featuring the PAC III Timer
    • RPM Preferred Touch Screen Computer
  • Navigator GPS, the first in the industry

Other manufacturers don’t put as much stock in the details as Reinke does. Features such as V-ring flange gasket, Navigator GPS, Ontrac and high-strength steel give Reinke Systems endurance and performance power.

Reinke is internationally known as a premier manufacturer and provider of the finest steel, stainless steel and aluminum irrigation systems and components. Reinke offers more choices, superior quality, and  comprehensive service after the sale. That’s Reinke tradition and that’s why they’re an industry leader.